As a resident at Park Hill, you’ll likely have all kinds of questions about your home, especially if you’ve just moved in.

Questions about your flat

Please check the Park Hill Wiki first. This is a comprehensive resource based on flat owners manuals and residents knowledge and experiences. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then you can ask other residents on Social Media such as the popular Park Hill Residents’ Facebook Group (membership required), or contact your landlord (if you have one), the Property Manager or on site Building Manager. If you find out some information, then please add to wiki for the benefit of your neighbours!

Questions about your student residence


The easiest way to report any maintenance issues is via the Béton House app – main manager – for which you will have recieved a leaflet on arrival about downloading and a code to set your room up.  If you have lost this then reception can supply another.

Alternatively, contact the Béton House management team at which is monitored Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm.

For urgent out of hours maintenance issues you can call the Homes for Students help desk on 01423855960

Access and Security

Out of hours security is on site in the evenings and can be called on 07546 411088. Note this phone number is for the security provider to Béton House only. A different security provider patrols the other parts of Park Hill and their contact details can instead be found on the wiki contacts page.

If you are locked out of your room when reception is closed, then you can call 01133907870 to FRG Key Holding who will come and let you in, but you will need ID and a call out charge of £35 will be added to your account.

Code of Standards

Béton House is covered by the ANUK National Code of Standards therefore if you are unable to resolve a problem which constitutes a breach of the code, then you may approach them with your complaint.

Questions about the building or Estate

As above, it is worth checking the Park Hill Wiki as its contents are not limited just to information about the flats. Otherwise, any questions about the building common areas or the estate in general should be sent to the Property Manager or on site Building Manager, unless you are a student living at Béton House, in which case you should contact the Béton House management team (contact details above).

Questions about the surrounding area

If you notice any problems, such as fly tipping or broken street furniture, in the area surrounding Park Hill (including South Street), then we encourage you to report them using . Alternatively, you can report various issues direct to Sheffield City Council.

Local Information


Park Hill is located in MANOR CASTLE electoral ward of Sheffield City Council. Find out who your current councillors are here.

Park Hill is located in SHEFFIELD CENTRAL parliamentary constituency. Find out who your current Member of Parliament (MP) is here.

If you are a student residing at Béton House, you are eligible to register to vote in local elections both in Sheffield and at home, however for national polls such as a general election you must choose either.  See the Electoral Commission website for more details. 


Click here to find the nearest pharmacies to Park Hill. Note the link will automatically show just those pharmacies that are open at the time.


There are a number of postboxes located within a short distance from Park Hill and these are displayed on this map. If you require a counter service, then Sheffield City Post Office and City Road Post Office are both located nearby. We are also fortunate to be a short walk from the Royal Mail Sheffield City Delivery Office.